Final closing Belgian Growth Fund at 312 million euro

Belgian Growth Fund (BGF) invests in funds that invest in promising Belgian companies and help them grow, including internationally. The fund, which aims to strengthen the financial strength of Belgian growth companies, closes at EUR 312 million.

Initiator the Federal Participation and Investment Company (SFPI) and the service providers Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) and BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity are pleased to announce that BGF has raised a total of EUR 312 million. A capital of EUR 213 million was launched in July 2019, raised from institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies and family offices. A second closing took place in November 2019 at EUR 278 million. One year after its establishment, the final closing has now taken place with EUR 312 million. SFPI and PMV are each increasing their commitment. The pension funds of UZ Brussel and water-link are also joining.

Fund of funds is on course

BGF wants to strengthen the financial strength of Belgian growth companies with larger investment tickets. In this way, these companies, which guarantee great innovative power and extra employment, can be managed from here and also develop internationally. BGF does not invest directly in growth companies, but via funds that in turn invest in growth companies. In this way, a diversified portfolio is built that appeals to a wide range of investors from a diversification perspective. "With a final closing of EUR 312 million, the fund exceeds the target fund size of EUR 300 million", says Jan Alexander (BGF).